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The Common Thread
Tekhelet: A Contemporary Model of Torah Umadda

Tekhelet represents a living example of Torah Umadda in its fullest sense. Science, halacha, history, archeology, and the arts converge in this topic and work synergistically to highlight the promise of genuinely combining Torah, mesorah and modernity. Irrespective of one’s position regarding halacha l’maaseh, Tekhelet provides a powerful educational opportunity for our schools and communities to explore fundamental concepts of tradition, innovation, spirituality and authenticity within Yahadut.

– Rabbi Kenneth Brander, YU Center for the Jewish Future

Many Torah teachers find themselves searching for ways to help our traditional texts “come alive.” Investigating Tekhelet by examining classic Biblical and Rabbinic sources while engaging in hands-on learning of the relevant scientific facts and participating in the dyeing process can help students appreciate the excitement and relevance of our living Torah.

– Rabbi Michael Taubes Rosh Yeshiva, YU High School for Boys

Bring Tekhelet to Your Community

Scholar in Residence Weekends:
LectureThe Ptil Tekhelet Foundation lecturers are world experts in all areas related to Tekhelet. Sought after and dynamic, our speakers are engaging, inspirational and accomplished in a broad and eclectic range of other disciplines as well. The list includes:
Dr. Ari Greenspan, Joel Guberman, Mois Navon, Baruch Sterman, Shlomoh Taitelbaum and Rav Tavger. For more information click here.

The Ptil Tekhelet lectures are truly a highlight of our students’ year. Through the presentation of the topic, the speakers actually offer so much more: A thought provoking discussion of Torah Umadda and an insightful, inspiring vision of the intersection and cooperation between Judaism and modernity.

– Rabbi Binny Freedman Rosh Yeshiva and Dean of Orayta

Israel Tekhelet Tours:

DorMake Tekhelet part of your next trip to Israel. Whether your group visits our factory and follows the tzitzit making process from the shearing of the sheep through the dyeing of the threads, or goes snorkeling in search of the Chillazon, our interactive tours are both educational and loads of fun. Tailored to fit your group’s specific needs, these tours are perfect for all ages. Please look at our MARINE TOUR and our FACTORY TOUR.


The Ptil Tekhelet SIR presentations were stimulating, engaging, and educational, intellectually honest and compelling – will leave everyone with much food for thought.

– Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Boca Raton Synagogue


Dye in a Box”:

The Ptil Tekhelet Foundation offers a unique multidisciplinary presentation suitable for the classroom. Hands-on dyeing demonstrations and detailed explanations highlight the interplay of science and Torah through chemistry, biology, and Talmudic sources. An all-inclusive kit containing the materials, instructions, and source sheets, allows teachers to easily incorporate the topic into their curriculum on their own, or our speakers can be available to come into schools and run these popular programs.