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Ptil Tekhelet is once again happy to announce that it will be conducting 1/2 day tours at Chof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron Yaacov) this upcoming Chol Hamoed Pesah on Wednesday thru Friday (Apr. 16-18). The tours combine an exciting experience of fun and learning for the whole family.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Our group really enjoyed the day and it was great to get the article after. Your broad knowledge really added to the experience. - R. L.
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. My kids loved it as did we. We have already begun to recommend it! - D. H.
  • I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience we had on your tour. The kids loved it, the grown-ups loved it - it was a great outing for all of us. The way that you had everything set up, from the museum to the movie to the explanations the snorkeling to the dyeing process it was all great. You made everything interesting and relevant and I loved to hear all the sources. - C. T.

Learn Torah, Halacha, History, Archeology, Biology and Chemistry. Dye wool yourself using the same tekhelet dye of the ancients. Get into the water and observe the tekhelet snail living in its natural habitat.

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To reserve, please send a detailed email to:

Wadi Murba'at Textile
One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation by Dr. Naama Sukenik from the Israel Antiquities Authority who, together with Prof. Zohar Amar and Dr. David Iluz from Bar Ilan University, examined a unique and important find from the Murba'at caves in the Judean desert. A fabric dated to the second century, dyed with material obtained from the Murex trunculus sea-snail and colored blue, was shown to be of local Israelite origin. More information on this incredible treasure can be found here.

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